Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

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Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers


If you are new blogger and looking for ways on how to monetize your blog, here are some of the best affiliate programs you can choose from where you will find a wide plethora of products that you can share with your community no matter what size it is. You don’t need to have a large readership to be able to start with affiliate marketing or making money from your blog. 


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Some of these networks will even approve you even if you don’t have a blog as long as you will clearly explain how you will promote their products.


Affiliate marketing can be daunting at first but once you got the hang of it and a style that works for you, it is a very good source of passive income.


Let’s start with products that you can offer as a blogger to people who are also looking to also start a blog, freelance or e-commerce business.


Disclaimer: This post may also contain affiliate links. This means that we may earn small commission on item sold through these links. There is NO additional cost to you from the sale but this will help us maintain the website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for full information.






I love SiteGround and I host both of my blogs with them. They pay 40 Euros per successful referral.


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Tailwind is not just my life and time-saver as a content creator, their affiliate program is also good. They pay 15 USD per successful referral. Not only that, you can give your readers one month of FREE trial.

Get yours here.



I don’t want to imagine my life as a blogger without Canva. With Canva, I don’t feel the need to pay for a graphic designer’s services. Even with zero artistic talent, I still can create art cards, Pinterest Pins, logos, social media graphics, media kits and even planners with the help of Canva. Canva made me trust myself when it comes to creating something aesthetically pleasing and satisfying.


They pay per sale (CPS) and per lead (CPL). You can earn 30USD on a Canva Pro yearly subscription, 12.95USD on a monthly subscription and they also pay 6.50USD per subscription trial.


Check my work using Canva on these accounts:


Pinterest for This Village Girl

Pinterest for Virtual Besties

Instagram for Virtual Besties


Entrepreneur Legal Corner


One of the first things bloggers and freelancer must make do is to make sure that their blogs and website’s are compliant. Entrepreneur Legal Corner has every templates and contracts every blogger and freelancer has. I remember making 14USD in one template that was sold from one of my blog posts.


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Amazon Associates


Amazon is probably the biggest affiliate program. Name it and they have it for you. You can earn up to 10% advertising fees. Even if a person buys unrelated or different product as long as they got through using your link, you will earn commission from it.




Share-A-Sale is one of the high paying affiliate program with more than 4,000 advertisers that includes big brands. They have been around for a long time and one of the most popular affiliate programs on the web. They have pay-per-click and pay-per-sale you can take advantage of but you have to apply to individual programs.


Commission Junction


CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest affiliate programs which works with world’s best brands and has more than 3000 advertisers and brands.

An affiliate manager will be assigned to help you set up once you sign up. They pay monthly and have 25USD payout threshold.




Awin has more than 13,000 advertisers and publishers and in 2017 alone made $148 million. They are a network that gives platforms to both advertisers and publishers a place for their businesses to thrive.

However, unlike other networks, you have to pay $ 5 registration which is reasonable considering how much you can possibly earn by joining them. Think of this as an investment.




Swagbucks is one of those websites that will pay you to have fun like watching videos or answer surveys. This is a very good way to make and save money and put your time to good use. You can get paid by gift cards or PayPal cash.




Shopify is an e-commerce platform that gives every seller power to create an online store. If you are able to make someone sign up to their Plus Plan, Shopify will give you a hefty $ 2000 commission.


Flex Offers


Flex Offers is one of the best affiliate networks. They have more than 12,000 programs to choose from no matter which topic you love to talk about. Even brand new bloggers can get accepted and worldwide payment options which is awesome even for those who are outside US.




Igain is like Flex offers but has one of the best customer service.


Rakuten Marketing


They are also one of the top affiliate networks. It’s very easy to join and like Share-a-Sale, you have to apply for programs individually. Udemy, Calvin Klein, Macy’s and Urban Outfitters are some of the programs you can choose to join.


These are not all. There are so many affiliate programs out there. You just have to sign up and give them a try yourself to see which one suits you best.


Another way is to check if your favourite brands have their own affiliate program by googling them with “affiliate program” at the end of their brand name.


With Affiliate marketing, your income is limitless. How much you’ll earn depends on how cretive you are when it comes to promoting them.


A every important reminder when you start with affiliate marketing. You have to disclose that you used affiliate links on the post by having a disclaimer like this on your blogpost before your first affiliate link:


Disclaimer: This post may also contain affiliate links. This means that we may earn small commission on item sold through these links. There is NO additional cost to you from the sale but this will help us maintain the website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for full information.


or #AFFLINK or #AFFILIATELINK on your social media posts. Also, you are not allowed use your Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest and make sure that you will read all the term and conditions and rules every affiliate network that you will join for you to avoid being penalized or banned.


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